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The importance of treating guests like family in a hotel

Treating guests like family improves the guest’s experience. It helps make their stay much more comfortable and satisfactory and could lead them to visit us again in the future (consolidation).

Why should you promote treating guests like family in the hotel business?

Trust & Safety

The guest needs to feel safe in the hotel and trust the team that are providing the service in question.

This is something that is strengthened with a friendly manner, always with a smile when we assist them, with many amenities, with the most cutting-edge technology, with exquisite cleanliness, and more.

You will make them feel at home

If we manage to improve the guest’s experience, they will feel at home. This may make them decide to extend their stay or visit us whenever they are going to stay nearby.

If we treat the guest in a distant way, surely they will miss their home more and we will not become their “family” for a few days.


It reduces competition

We must remember that competition between hotels is becoming more intense; surely you have to actively compete with a nearby hotel in your area to be able to have more guests.

A hotel that manages to treat guests like family will attract more guests than those that do not.

It helps your offers make sense

Some hotels make the mistake of offering sales or significantly reducing their prices as an aggressive marketing strategy to attract guests; the problem is that none of this makes sense if the way that guests are treated is not how it should be.

It is important that you take into account that something intangible, such as a simple smile, is just as important or more important than something tangible.

The guest is going to appreciate being treated politely much more than a sale. However, if we combine these two aspects, we will be unstoppable.

It will increase the probability that they will return

If we manage to win the guest’s trust, it is much more probable that they will return in the future.

They will recommend us to their friends/family

Many hotels invest a lot in advertising, searching for a system that truly ensures that their brand will expand in the market.

But some forget that the best method of promotion is right in front of them: the guest. If we manage to do things well, if we manage to create that feeling of familiarity, trust and safety, the guest will recommend us to their circle of friends themselves.

This will make it so that we can invest less in advertising and yet still continue to attract guests.

It gives the guest an identity

The fact that we know them, that we know who they are, that we remember them for something more than their room number; this makes them feel special. This is something the guest is going to appreciate during their visit and will lead them to have a better opinion of our hotel.

For all of these reasons, treating guests like family is so important.

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